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What does a training day look like?

What does a training day look like?

Training days exist to facilitate your training with your dog

Each day will have some mild structure to ensure all participants have the opportunity to partake in training regardless of the experience and comfort level. There will be opportunities to work dogs in field, water, drags, and general obedience. These days are meant to provide the necessary environment and tools that you are looking for.


ALL experience levels are welcome!

The benefits of being a member of our Chapter and participating in training events include: 

> Access to ideal training grounds, just 40 minutes from Spruce Grove

> The ability to utilize expensive equipment

> A variety of birds that are available to purchase

> Collaborative opportunities to train among like-minded people with

    varied levels of experience

What you need for training day

what do you need to attend a training day?

what do you need to attend a training day?

What you Need

What is recommended

A valid membership and signed waiver

Blaze orange clothing - a hat, shirt, or vest

A means to contain your dog(s) - like a stakeout, or kennel

Water for you and your dog(s)

Positive attitude and a willingness to assist others!

Any additional equipment you may wish to utilize - e collar, check cord, etc.

Appropriate apparel and footwear - rubber boots

A lunch or snack for yourself

A chair

Hearing Protection

Sign up for an upcoming training day Here

Please contact us if you wish to observe a training event before committing to a membership. You may do so one time only for a small fee to cover insurance costs.

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