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Aims and Rules Clinic
June 24-25

What is an Aims and Rules Clinic? 

·         It's a two day clinic where NAVHDA provides a senior judge/clinic leader to instruct on the NAVHDA philosophy, test mechanics, and the scoring system for each test. 

·         Participants will take to the field and water to judge and score dogs being run in a mock test setting. After each section the participants and the Clinic Leader will discuss the dog’s performance, where the performance would fall in the NAVHDA scoring system, and any strengths or weaknesses in training and handling. Many clinic leaders also include helpful tips and tricks on handling dogs in NAVHDA tests. This is not a training session for dogs.


Who Should Attend and Why?

  • People with their first dog will see how other dogs work and gain insight into what their dog is doing and why. This will help to develop their pup’s talents and improve performance.

  • Novice handlers will learn how NAVHDA evaluates versatile dogs, and thus will be better prepared to handle their dogs in a test.

  • Experienced handlers will gain a deeper, more technical knowledge of how the team of dog and handler are judged.

  • Breeders will learn what to look for in their breeding stock and their progeny, and how to use NAVHDA records for selective breeding.

  • Aspiring NAVHDA Judges are required to attend an Aims & Rules Clinic and is one of the first steps in the NAVHDA Apprentice Judge Program.



-This clinic is available to chapter members and non-members.

-Must attend both days.

-Clinic will take place at Tomahawk training site, rain or shine. 

(click here for location)

-Price is $200 per person.

Cancelation policy:

3 weeks out or more - Full refund. 

Under three weeks - Refund for extenuating circumstances only. 

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